CNE publishes regulations of electoral campaign for October-15

From this Saturday, September 23 and until midnight on October 12 will be held the campaign of candidates to be measured in the regional elections, to be held on October 15.

For these purposes, the National Electoral Council (CNE) approved the rules that will govern this phase in the face of the elections in which the 23 new governors will be chosen for the next four-year period.

These rules, published in the Electoral Gazette number 865, indicate that the spreading of electoral advertisements can only be contracted by political parties and candidates. These contracts will be agreed with providers of public and private television services, and must meet certain conditions.

In this sense, national and regional open television service providers may broadcast advertising pieces for a maximum of three, non-cumulative minutes a day by each service provider.

For subscription service providers, may broadcast electoral propaganda for a maximum time of three, not cumulative minutes – also daily – for each channel included in their total channels offer.

Regarding the broadcasting of electoral campaign in national and regional radio, the maximum time will be four, not accumulable minutes daily by each provider.

In the case of newspapers of national, regional and local circulation, each candidate will have a maximum space of half a page for the standard size and a daily page for tabloids, not cumulative.

Likewise, the regulations also indicate that they will be able to broadcast electoral propaganda through telecommunication operators that offer the facility of text messaging, with the maximum being three weekly text messages that cannot be accumulated.

It is prohibited to recruit and distribute electoral propaganda through fixed or mobile telephone networks other than text messaging. Likewise, the contracting, publication and spreading of propaganda of political and / or electoral content by different or unauthorized persons is prohibited, in accordance with the law and the aforementioned regulations.

For the elections of October 15, are invited to participate 18,094,065 voters, according to the Electoral Registry (RE) listing corresponding to July 15 of this year. It includes 17,898,004 Venezuelans resident in the entities and 196,061 foreigners residing in the country and registered in the voter registry.

In the Electoral Registry listing for this process are not included the voters of the Capital District, because this entity has a special (not included in these elections) regime of Government, nor voters residing abroad, because it is not a national election.