Venezuela will succeed in neutralizing attacks of the empire to achieve peace

«We know where we stand, that we are willing to be free at whatever cost, and that Venezuela with its Armed Forces and the civic-military union will defeat and neutralize all the threats that imperialism plans or intends against us».

This was stated by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during a preparatory meeting for the 2017 Bolivarian Sovereignty exercise, along with the military high command and members of the Defense Council of the Nation.

The Head of State stressed that: «A people organized and prepared for defense is an indestructible people» and stressed the organization of the Venezuelan people in more than 18 years of Revolution.

He declared that Venezuela will not surrender before the imperialist aggressions of the Government of Donald Trump. «They do not know us,» he emphasized.

He asserted that imperial forces underestimate Venezuela and the peoples of the world, trying to implement the policy of the carrot and the club, while emphasizing the historical relevance of the 2017 Bolivarian Sovereignty exercise.

«The time for the carrot and the club is over, there is a time of dignity and Venezuela is at the center of a historic battle. We did not look for it, it found us … so the 2017 Bolivarian Sovereignty Civic-military Exercises have to be supervised exercises in detail (…) From these exercises we must answer all the questions of the capacity for response and action that our country has militarily, so that we will never be attacked and that we will preserve the integrity of the territory, the independence and sovereignty of our country and, above all, preserve the peace, freedom and democracy of our country», he declared.

The Commander-in-Chief of the FANB, Nicolás Maduro, added that with the execution of these military exercises will be able to determine the new equipment required by the Homeland to defend its sovereignty, by air, sea and land.

Finally he called on the Venezuelan people to maintain their trust in the military. «Let us have confidence in the Armed Forces, have confidence in our ideals, have confidence that the imperialists will swallow their words and in Venezuela will prevail the Bolivarian dignity and sovereignty», he said.