Law for peaceful coexistence is aimed at consolidating peace of the country

The draft Law for peaceful coexistence approved by the National Constituent Assembly is aimed at achieving peace for Venezuela, said the constituent Juan Carlos Alemán.

“Just in the third week after the ANC was elected, we have passed a constitutional law that has to do with the peaceful coexistence of Venezuelans, in order to sanction in an exemplary manner a crime that is not contemplated in our legislation that is the Crime of Hatred and Intolerance, which unfortunately was imposed by the accumulation of situations that have been generated by those stateless sectors that do not believe in democracy, which have been dedicated to generating hate among Venezuelans … This law is not a law of revenge, Is a law that seeks the reunion of all Venezuelans”, he said.

During an interview in the “Defensa y Seguridad” (Defense and Security) program, broadcast by RNV Informative Channel, Alemán recalled that there were 162 the fatal victims that left the acts of violence sponsored in recent months by sectors of the right wing.

“They crowned their aspirations 4 months ago in the last guarimbas (riots), which have cost the country more than 140 deaths, and now as a product of the ANC all those outbreaks has been virtually shut down”.

He affirmed that the content of this legal instrument will be consulted to the Venezuelan people to obtain the support of all sectors of society, in order to put into practice the content of the law. “We will go to the consultation, to the debate, so that the people is reflected in the law … so that it becomes an instrument that allows us to recover peace”.

He denounced the campaign of hatred induced by the private media, which have contributed to violence in the country in recent months.

Likewise, he affirmed that the calls for mobilizations by opposition sectors have diminished because of their complicity with vandalism. “When the opposition sectors today call on their voters for mobilizations, nobody goest o those, we see how they insult their leaders in the social networks, how they mistreat them, and that is precisely what they have sown.”

Alemán said that the ANC has an obligation to save these isolated sectors “from their own hatred”, while announcing positive surprises in the coming days for all Venezuelans.

He made a call on the Venezuelan people to establish a great meeting where the debate is the tool of dialogue to resolve differences.

On the other hand, he criticized the work of the National Assembly installed at the beginning of 2016, which in the view of the constituent “They have lost time for more than one year”, producing bleeding and violence in the country.

He recalled that it was the Bolivarian Revolution initiated by the Eternal Commander Hugo Chávez and continued today by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, that has awakened the people of the lethargy where the fourth republic had it, with a model of social inclusion consolidated in the present time, praising the values of Bolivarianism such as humanism, solidarity, loyalty, among others.

Finally, he assured that the ANC will build the welfare of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in order to establish the peace and happiness of the people.