Rodríguez: in October the People decides between peace and riots

«We applaud that, after lying about the electoral body of this country, after denying the existence of the Powers of the State, after bringing their militants to hatred and violence, the Venezuelan opposition has reflected and understood our message and that of Venezuelans: The problems of Venezuelans are only to be solved by democratic means».

This was stated by the Leader of PSUV, Héctor Rodríguez, during the weekly press conference of the socialist political organization.

He explained that 90% of the candidates registered in the CNE for the regional elections are from the opposition, who have strong internal debates to define their candidacies in each state.

He reiterated that PSUV and the allied forces of the Revolution have registered 23 candidate men and women, one for each state.

«Candidates who combine experience and youth, who combine everything learned in these 18 years and an additional new energy to push and look to the future», he assured.

Rodríguez said that in the regional elections, to be held in October, the Venezuelan people will be debating between the candidates for peace, and the future with the candidates of the «guarimba» (riots).

The candidates of the socialist party are: Miguel Rodriguez (Amazonas); Aristobulo Iztúriz (Anzoátegui), Rodolfo Marco Torres (Aragua), Ramón Carrizales (Apure), Justo Noguera Pietri (Bolívar), Argenis Chávez (Barinas), Margot Godoy (Cojedes), Rafael Lacava (Carabobo), Lizeta Hernández (Delta Amacuro) , Victor Clark (Falcón), José Vásquez (Guárico), Carmen Meléndez (Lara), Rafael Calle (Portuguesa); Héctor Rodríguez (Miranda), Jeison Guzmán (Mérida), Yelitza Santaella (Monagas), Carlos Mata Figueroa (Nueva Esparta), José Gregorio Vielma Mora (Táchira), Henry Rangel Silva (Trujillo), Edwin Rojas (Yaracuy), Jorge Luis García Carneiro (Vargas) and Francisco Arias Cárdenas (Zulia).

The business of politics:

When being consulted about the process of primary elections called by the opposition to choose their candidates for the regional elections, a process in which the CNE will not participate, Rodriguez reported that they have information that they are charging $ 5,000 to each pre-candidate in order to be able to participate in the internal elections, and then they have to pay an amount in bolivars for each polling station that is installed.

«It is an outrage, this opposition we have … but without any doubt the main difficulty we Venezuelans have is the low level of the Venezuelan opposition. Hopefully, a different leadership will emerge from that opposition people», he expressed.

Rodriguez asked: Where each candidate is going to get 5,000 dollars in order to register?, what is behind that?, who are behind the candidates of the opposition?.