President Maduro ordered prosecution of stateless who requested the intervention of Venezuela

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, urged the ANC to consolidate peace by assuming the great tasks of the Commission for Truth, Justice and Peace.

The Head of State spoke against the attitude and the statement issued by the MUD (opposition coalition) where the US president’s militarist threat is not condemned, “but it is justified”.

“I urge the Commission for Truth, Justice and Peace, please, to initiate a process against the stateless that have come out to ask for the intervention of Venezuela and who support the threat of Donald Trump against the peace of the Republic. I ask for it officially”, a request he made during a meeting with popular forces that mobilized through Caracas in rejection of the threat of a military intervention.

He urged the Commission to request all those who have called for “guarimba” (rioting) and violence, to declare and thus determine the responsibilities of each one.

“And if they do not show up for good, then go find them and put the hooks on them and present (to the justice) all of them who have called for the “guarimbas” (riots), the violence … and make it public, broadcast by radio and television so the people can see it”.

He called on the people to consolidate Peace with work, with popular organization, with support for the ANC’s decisions.

He assured that the political opposition after the elections of July 30 was defeated and divided, but it can not be underestimated.

“The political opposition of Venezuela was left floored out. The Venezuelan people gave a real, deadly knockout to the opposition on July 30, and still do not recover from the hit”, he said.