RNV Exclusive! USA Responds to interventionist requests from the Venezuelan terrorist right wing

In an exclusive interview with the Radio Nacional de Venezuela system, our country’s ambassador to the United Nations, Rafael Ramírez, asserted that the military threats promoted by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, against the Homeland of Bolivar and Chávez. respond to the requests of the pseudo-leaders of the opposition, who went to various parts of the empire to request for a military intervention in Venezuela.

“They are absolutely illegal statements, contrary to the international rights, that violate all the precepts of coexistence among nations and reminds us of its permanent intervention against the region”, said Ramirez.

He also stated that: “No leader had gone so low as to request a military intervention as the opposition has done”. He said that they are responsible for the violent acts in the country “because they seek to justify Washington taking military action against Venezuela”.

Ambassador Rafael Ramírez warned that this is a new move by Trump and that he continues to show his hegemonic interests in the region, once again supported by representatives of the extreme right wing of the United States, such as the United States ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, and senator Marco Rubio.

“Their whole problem is that Commander Hugo Chavez, ended the “funny games” the White House and its allies had with PDVSA and the riches of the country”, said the Ambassador.

However, Ramírez assured that: “Venezuela has all the capacity to defend itself” and the military civic union is a fundamental tool to face the warmongering escalation of Trump and his lackeys in the region.

He pointed out that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, FANB, are “A guarantee against this imperial aggression that looms over the Homeland”. He also reiterated the need to strengthen the country’s patriotic forces to “isolate and defeat the spots that fueled violence and who now will participate in regional elections in October”.

Ramírez also categorically rejected the double standards of Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, because “Traps are being invented from instances such as the OAS to destabilize sovereign countries.”

Regarding international support, Rafael Ramírez, he highly appreciated that the countries of the world, belonging to different integration organizations such as ALBA-TCP, CELAC and PETROCARIBE, are unified within the framework of the United Nations Organization, to provide their support and solidarity to the Bolivarian revolution.

Finally, our country’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Rafael Ramírez, called on the Venezuelan people to remain mobilized in rejection of imperial threats and to preserve the legacy, example and speech of Commander Hugo Chávez, which “made Venezuela a world reference