Trump threat is a confession of support to violence in Venezuela

The military threat perpetrated by US President Donald Trump is a public confession of that from that country were supporting the violence and acts of destabilization promoted by extremist sectors of the Venezuelan ultra-right wing, said on Sunday the Second Vice President of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Isaías Rodríguez.

During his intervention in the “Kiosko Veraz” (The Truthful Kiosk) program, led by Earle Herrera and broadcast by VTV, he stressed that these desperate actions are an attempt to rescue Latin America as their former backyard.

“The threat to Venezuela has to do with the evident decline of the empire. Surely the United States has instructions to rescue by any means what was once their backyard in Latin America, but Latin America will no longer be they backyard any more”, he said.

In this regard, he warned of the imminent threat posed historically by US Governments against progressive and democratic governments that do not respond to their interests, while emphasizing that a military intervention can not materialize because Venezuela is part of a new global geopolitical spectrum .

“The world at this time has a situation of imminent danger. Trump has not only threatened Venezuela but has also made it with Iran and imposed sanctions on them, threatened Russia and imposed sanctions on them, he also did so with China by selling arms to Taiwan and even took some steps that are not common, such as fighting with the FBI and the Mayor of London. But he will not be able to consummate his intentions in Venezuela because we have the Latin hegemony and Venezuela’s relationship with the world, part of the legacy of Commander Chavez”, he said.

Chavez’s legacy inspired to support Constituent Assembly:

According to Rodríguez, the Chavista thought inspired the massive mobilization of the Venezuelan people to participate in the elections of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), held on July 30 throughout the country.

“It was Chávez’s speech and what he left as a legacy that inspired the vote for the Constituent. A spiritual legacy that is part of the people who feel committed to Chavez”, said the ANC member, who also highlighted the role of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, in the constitution of the plenipotentiary body.