President Maduro assures “Venezuela opens to a new era of economic production”

By heading a new productive Wednesday journey from the headquarters of the Avelina company located in the industrial zone of the Guarenas-Guatire axis of the Miranda state, President Nicolás Maduro affirmed that Venezuela is achieving an economic miracle, “which is opening a new era of economic production”.

In this regard, he assured that the productive processes are active and have the support of the country’s entrepreneurs. “We have achieved the combination of various factors, land, investment, logistics. We have resisted with everything and now we are seeing the fruit of perseverance”, he said.

The national president considered that in the coming years the country will see the fruits of that perseverance with national production, in order to generate wealth.

“We have democratized the land“:

In his words, the Head of State insisted that the country must break its dependence on oil and produce its own goods in all areas: “Productive diversification is essential to recover the economy. We want to produce to satisfy the needs of the Venezuelan family”, he pointed out.

In this sense, he instructed to rescue the productive vocation of the industry and the countryside, to produce and satisfy the internal needs of the country and promoting the necessary paths to increase its export vocation:

“Venezuela was a country with a port agriculture that imported 80% of everything it consumed, and we are already seeing the benefits of taking the first steps to consolidate ourselves as a country with a diversified economy”, he said.

Democratization of lands:

During this journey, President Maduro suggested that the National Assembly debate the right of peasants to lands: “We have democratized the land and we have given it to the people, the land is a good of the nation”, he explained.

In his opinion, this is a fundamental part of the right that people have to work in the field: “We have to rescue the productive vocation of the industry, of the field that produces and satisfies the internal needs of the country and that has a productive and exporting vocation, In addition, the issue of expropriations must be investigated”, instructed the head of state.

He urged to promote the self-sustainability of each productive space and to rescue the family, single-family or productive conuco (small farm): “The important thing is to rescue the lands”, he said.

He commented on the issue of the elimination of the alcabalas (checkpoints) in the radical quarantine: “I thank Deputy Correa for opening my eyes regarding the issue of the alcabalas (…) I have given the order to Vice President and today I have already observed fewer alcabalas in Caracas”, he claimed.

He finally reiterated the need to increase the support of the revolutionary government apparatus to the productive sector:

We have to do more, we have to go further. No producer, in any field, in any town, should feel orphaned and alone. It must have a way of connecting with the revolutionary government and with all the machinery of the State”, he instructed.