The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, assured that as Commander-in-Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) he was in charge – along with the Higher General Staff – of the operation to protect Fort Paramacay.

He reported that in the early morning hours (3:50 am) (of Sunday), a group of 20 mercenaries entered Fort Paramacay, in Carabobo state – where the 41st Armored Brigade of the Bolivarian Army of Venezuela operates – surprised the vigil and went directly to the site where the weapons park is located. Immediately the alert was given and in a matter of minutes the soldiers and officers reacted, responded with rifles and fled some of the attackers, with part of the armament being stolen.

“The first group fled on the first reaction, they took part of the armament, in complicity with a lieutenant who is fully identified and is being sought. We are going to publish the data and the photos of this lieutenant that was folded to the attack against the FANB” , explained the President.

The Head of State said that the attackers who have fled have been actively sought. “We know where they are headed for, and the entire police and military force is deployed”, he said.

He stated that 8 of the attackers were captured, and two were killed in combat with the State’s security forces.

“Of these ten attackers, 9 are civilians and only one is a deserter lieutenant, who is captured and actively collaborating with information”, he said.

He claimed to have the testimony of the 7 civilians, who came from Zulia, Lara and Yaracuy states and Caracas – who were paid from Miami and Colombia.

“Let’s look at the bill. Who pays the bill for this terrorist act? This is an act of absolute despair. ”

The President detailed that the person who self-proclaimed as leader of the paramilitary action against the FANB, deserted in 2014 of the army, has lived in Miami under the Protection of Patricia and Rafael Poleo.

“He is a protegé of the fugitive terrorists of the Venezuelan justice, He has lived in Miami, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia. He is being actively sought”, he said.

He said that the defector, through a video, calls on the Venezuelan opposition to stay out of the law and not participate in the election of governors.

The Commander-in-Chief reiterated his admiration and respect for the soldiers of the FANB. “Today you have shown your moral, your bravery”, he said.

Finally, he informed that the trial was already open to those involved in the attack on the military installation and requested that the perpetrators be given maximum punishment, without the possibility of having benefits.