Isturiz: People on the streets is defending its independence and freedom

In the occasion of meeting 200 years of being decreed the abolition of slavery by the Liberator Simon Bolivar, the Executive Vice President, Aristobulo Isturiz stressed that today the Venezuelan people remain on the streets to defend its independence and freedom.
“Venezuela today is admired by all peoples of the world because it has been able to receive all the avalanche of attacks”, he said in a Presidential contact, made from the city of Carupano, Sucre state, where was held a civic-military parade to mark the day .
He recalled the historical context that became into the declaration of Bolivar, after several meetings with the Haitian leader Alexandre Pétion, who “brought to Bolivar not only resources, ships, weapons and boats, but the knowledge of a mestizo Republic which lost the conception of a mantuano Republic “.
He argued that Venezuelans will carry forward the same struggle of the Liberator, which was retaken in the 21st century by Commander Hugo Chavez. “It’s a battle for the hope of our people.”