Opposition fears the people speaking through the Constituent Assembly

“The opposition is afraid of the National Constituent Assembly because it is the people who is going to speak, they are afraid that all Venezuelans choose their candidates through the the direct, universal and secret vote”.

The statement was made by the mayor of the Libertador municipality of the city of Caracas, Jorge Rodríguez, during his participation in a tribute to the journalist and revolutionary, Fabricio Ojeda, at the 51st anniversary of his assassination.

From the spaces of the National Pantheon, the revolutionary leader stressed that there are sectors of the right wing  that are afraid of democracy, which has generated divisions between them.

“When we see that the right-wing leaders are killing each other over a number of gubernatorial candidates (for the regional elections in December), we know that sooner or later they will pull out the knives to attack from behind, and from this petty disunity the first Victim will be the people of Venezuela”, said the burgomaster.

In his statements to the press, Rodriguez referred to the public communiqué released yesterday by the opposition leadership calling to impede the election of the Constituent Assembly, which he described as disgusting for summoning once again violence and death in the streets of Caracas.