Marcos Torres: We begin to see positive results of GMAS and CLAP

Rodolfo Marcos Torres, Minister for Alimentation, said on Monday that the positive results of the Local Committees of Supply and Produción (CLAP) and the Great Mission for Sovereign Supply (GMAS) can already be seen.
«I have good news, only in July the country reached 720,000 tons of raw materials, 34 thousand tons of crude soybean oil, 80,000 tons of rice», he said.
Similarly he said that they have reached 30 thousand tons of sugar, 189 tons of yellow corn, 120 thousand tons of white corn, 96 thousand tons of baking wheat, 53,000 tons of durum wheat, among other products.
This was announced in the «En Letras Pequeñas» (In Small Letters) program, broadcast by RNV-Informative channel, which is led by Luis José Marcano, Minister of Communication and Information, and journalist Marcia Brown.