Vertices of Great Mission AgroVenezuela will be debated next week

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that next Wednesday, with the presence of the Council of Vice-Presidents, the ministers of the economy and the Venezuelan peasant movement, will be debated “in an open hall” all the definitive vertices of the Great Mission AgroVenezuela.

“Here I have the official proposal discussed, debated, and I am going to circulate it on my social networks to receive criticism, self-criticism, proposals, improvements, and next Wednesday we will only dedicate ourselves to only one journey. We are going to prepare a journey, for the debate, explanation and official approval, to draw in a presidential decree the nine definitive vertices of the Great Mission AgroVenezuela”, he said in a Productive Wednesday Journey.

The nine definitive vertices of the Great Mission AgroVenezuela to be debated, are:

– The Land and Productive Spaces.
– Good agricultural practices and mechanization and implements.
– Biological and synthetic inputs.
– Sovereign seeds and genetics.
– Grassroots Organizations of People’s Power.
– The Financing Circuit (AgroPetro).
– Production, processing, distribution and supply.
– Research, development, innovation, science.
– Security and comprehensive peace.

“There are nine vertices of the Great Mission AgroVenezuela that I give to the country for its debate, its improvement, its criticism and self-criticism”, he said, detailing: “We will debate the vertices one by one and once they have been debated and approved, I will take them out in a presidential decree and to develop the Great Mission AgroVenezuela, a legacy of our commander Hugo Chávez, a legacy for the future”.