Revealed use of children to generate false positives against the Bolivarian Government

“The violent right wing uses the country’s children for their destabilizing purposes”, denounced the first Vice-President of the Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello.

He explained the manipulation made by journalist Fani Valbuena who presented the story of a child, supposedly without a family, setting up a Molotov incendiary bomb to protest against the Venezuelan Government.

Cabello presented a video where he presents the child’s family denouncing the manipulation made by  journalist Fani Valbuena, in a false story spread through the Instagram social network.

“How not to be indignant with this video of the child of Petare used by the right wing. Miserable a thousand times. I give my own life for that child. We must all give our lives for children like him”, Cabello said.

He then stressed, “If you want that child to be a fighter tomorrow, you must convince him with arguments. That is the right wing we have, which raises false positives, erroneous information that they transform into alleged truths. ”

Cabello made a call on sectors of the right wing not to deploy this kind of unconventional practices, which mark the future of a childhood that only wants to study to preserve peace and its future. “What  are you looking for, to assassinate a child?, I hope that it does not happen, because the soldiers of this country will defend them, let’s not allow that, (we give) our absolute censorship, that is why we are the only guarantee of peace for the country, whereas the right wing Is the guarantee of war on the continent and the world. “