Istúriz: We want to achieve political hegemony to socialize the consciousness

The Vice President of the Republic, Aristobulo Isturiz, said that the Bolivarian Revolution wants to consolidate political hegemony in Venezuela to socialize consciousness and defeat manipulation.
In an act performed from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, Isturiz said that this victory does not includes violence, blow to the currency, induced shortages nor inflationary spiral. On the contrary – he stated – it seeks that the majority of the population assumes the Project of Bolivar as its own.  as the only way to achieve happiness.
“We come from 15 years of revolution where all works, and primarily that of the social missions have been a fundamental instrument to eliminate exclusion and build an inclusion model, to seek equality, justice, and for solidarity to become the fundamental value of women and men of our people, “he said.
He pointed out that the Revolution must find a mechanism to wrap all organizations, the entire people regardless of their positions, sectors and territory.
“We are right now in a transition, we clearly know what we want, we still have values behind us. As Brecht said: “The old still does not die, and the new is not born yet”. We have to give birth to the Homeland. ”
In this regard, he proposed that the State of the Missions should result from the liquidation of the remnants of the bourgeoisie.