Maduro: 105 agro-alimentary productive plants have joined the Great Mission Sovereign Supply

Hace 2 años.

President Nicolas Maduro announced that a total of 105 production plants of the agro-alimentary sector have joined the Great Mission Sovereign Supply, with the aim of reinvigorating the productive apparatus .

“This is not a minor thing, these are plants that have full productive capacity to meet the needs of our people,” further adding that “the goal is to have more than 600 agro-productive units.”

He stressed that 77 belong the private sector and 28 to the public sector, he also noted that in the case of finding irregularities, whichever the sector they may come from, must be applied the full weight of the law.

Thus he reported during a meeting with the Vice Presidency for Productive Economy, held this Monday at Miraflores Palace in Caracas.