Parliamentary right wing did not work to improve the country's economic situation

The members of the parties that make up the self-called Democratic Unity Board (MUD) added a total of 37 sessions in 2016, in which they did not attend the federal legislative palace, as said Nicolás Maduro, President of the Republic, on Saturday.
“In the National Assembly, for the first time in its history, out of the 15 years that it has as National Assembly, they have missed work, they did not had a quorum, 37 times in a single year,” he said in front of the Chavista people who marched to the Bolivar Avenue in Caracas.
He criticized the Parliament’s role throughout this year, arguing that the opposition majority did not work for social prosperity nor to improve the country’s political and economic situation.
“May everyone draw their own conclusions. It has been an adeco(*)-bourgeois National Assembly, a nefarious, harmful, useless one, and the people, sooner than later, has to constitutionally dissolve that National Assembly”, said the dignitary.
He added that the opposition majority was devoted “to sabotage the work of the economic recovery” that is advanced by the Executive branch, and have called for violence and to attempt a parliamentary coup that he described as “null and void”.
“An assembly that is outside the Constitution, in contempt, it has incurred in the most serious illegalities and crimes in only 11 months, almost a year,” he lamented.
He said that the opposition got self-defeated after three opposition deputies did not attended the last session of this week, in which they wanted to elect two new rectors of the Electoral Power, although the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) had already ratified one day before to Rectors Socorro Hernández and Tania D ‘Amelio.
“There were more the times when they did not had a quorum, than the times they got to session”, criticized the Head of State.
(*): Refers to that which belongs to the right-wing Acción Democrática political party.