President Maduro called to expand the electronic payment system throughout the country

The Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, called on Saturday to expand and strengthen the electronic payment system throughout the country, in order to facilitate the people the possibility of payment of goods and services to the highest level of the Trade and Payments chain of the nation.
“(…) We have to give all the cybernetic, technological security, so that the country continues to expand all its payment systems,” he insisted.
The National Representative said that within the system of digitalization of payments must be added the Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP), especially taking into account that the goal of the Executive is to reach 4 million households in the country served by these instances of the organized People’s Power for the first months of 2017, which translates into about 18 million people and this involves handling large amounts of money.
“It must be met very soon the decision of bringing the telephone, digitized payment system to all the CLAP of the country”, he said during the extraordinary meeting of the National Council of Productive Economics, held at the Palacio Blanco (White Palace), in Miraflores, Caracas.
The Head of State received a series of proposals from this instance to counter the cyber attacks on the currency and the robbery of Venezuelan paper money towards Colombia, denounced by the National President this Friday.
He said he will process the suggestions promptly in order to continue activating responses between this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the country, as well as on the border with Colombia.
On the other hand, the President called for maximum inter-institutional cooperation and to all Venezuelan business and trade sectors to respect prices based on real production costs, to stop speculation as much as possible.
“We have all the potential to advance (…). I see 2017 with great optimism, with great hope and it is going to be the first year … of a sustained recovery of our economy and of a new model of diverse wealth creation, of a new economy with new rules of the game and with solid engines that no longer depend on a single person, nor depend on anyone, “he emphasized.