Daza: Obama Administration wants to hit Venezuelan economy with JP Morgan

Political analyst Roy Daza said that the action by the US financial company JP Morgan of discrediting the payment operations of the Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) bonds «is part of the escalade that the US President, Barack Obama, has been doing in the last two weeks. »
Thus he affirmed this during his participation in the «La Palestra» (The board) program broadcast by RNV Informative channel. «It tries to undermine the efforts that we are making from the economy point of view, both in the securities markets and in the oil market, in view of the possibility of a recovery of prices, even in a moderate way.»
Daza said that the Obama administration wants to hit the Venezuelan economy along with the JP Morgan company, which is remembered for lying cheekily during the financial events of 2008.
The analyst accused the company of wanting to sabotage the negotiations being carried out by Venezuela, «Which could yield profits for the country in the order of 3,500 million dollars.»
Daza considered as pertinent the denounce made by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, considering that it must be accompanied by all citizens.