Assembly complies with TSJ ruling and disincorporates candidates from Amazonas state

During the regular session held yesterday afternoon, the National Assembly divested the candidates who represented the state of Amazonas during the parliamentary election last December, in order to facilitate the agreements between the Government and the opposition, which Was considered as an advance.
However, the Venezuelan opposition represented in Parliament still does not reach consensus on the proposal of dialogue in the search for peace agreed by the parties involved during the talks last weekend, due to radical positions.
During the debate on the extension of 60 days requested by the Government to the decree of economic emergency, the opposition deputy called his colleague of the Homeland Block, Tania Diaz, a “vampire woman”, which generated the immediate reaction of indignation by the socialist party, who in the voice of his parliamentary head, Hector Rodriguez, demanded respect for Diaz, in her condition as a woman.
Once the session ended, the parliamentarian said that both the agenda presented yesterday and the action of Deputy Guzman detracts much from the alleged willingness to dialogue exposed several days ago.
“We want to regret the sabotaging, irresponsible, misogynistic, disrespectful attitude, with a behavior that leaves much to do with the violent mood of some sectors of the opposition that the deputy Rafael Guzman adopted today,” said the parliamentarian.
The representative of the Homeland Bloc denounced that, to a sector of the opposition, dialogue “gives the hives” and that this same sector persecutes to its own companions and persists in “the crazy idea to take power” by non-constitutional, not Democratic and non-peaceful means. ”
Notwithstanding the aggression, Diaz said that the parliamentarians of the Homeland Bloc remain firmly prepared to ratify and record “that we remain firm with the politics of dialogue and peace.”
Prior to this incident, in the gardens of the Legislative Palace, a group of demonstrators from the right-wing party “Vente Venezuela”, as soon as it was made concrete the divesting of the Amazonas state parliamentarians, qualified the MUD deputies as “guabinosos” (slimy) and persisted in the option of an impeachment to the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.