Rodriguez called on Venezuelans not to succumb to calls for violence

The coordinator of the Commission for the Verification of Signatures, Jorge Rodriguez, called on Monday on all Venezuelans, supporters or not of the Bolivarian Revolution, not to succumb to the calls to violence already initiated by members of the “Voluntad Popular (People’s Will) right wing party, which only seeks to generate bereaved families and households.
During an interview with Jordan Rodriguez, Chairman of Venezolana de Television, the also leader of the PSUV explained that after the statements by the Chairman of the National Electoral Council, was heard “the call of the Voluntad Popular party, the call of those people and their leader Leopoldo Lopez, which produced 43 dead people in 2014, just like the call of Capriles which produced 11 dead people in 2013 “.
Given this, Rodríguez recalled that Venezuela has many peaceful, democratic and constitutional mechanisms to resolve whatever political issues that may be deemed necessary for the welfare and peace of the people.
“We have a constitution that allows many ways to channelize the protest, the political opinion”, he added.
Therefore, for the political leader it is curious that the parties grouped under the MUD generate a fraud to a process requested by themselves, and as a result it seems to be an intentional act in order to call for violence.