Vielma Mora: Opening of the border must go through bilateral agreements that envision peace

The Governor of Tachira state, José Gregorio Vielma Mora, said on Thursday that the closure of the border under the state of emergency was a necessary measure, which allowed to reduce the figure of 31 million liters of fuel a month that were being smuggled into Colombia.
He stressed that the opening of this space passes through agreements with the Colombian-Venezuelan authorities, in order to allow to envision a border of peace.
Likewise, he criticized the packages organized in order to move the population from different parts of the country to the Táchira state’s border with Cucuta, an action he qualified as a ruckus that will not stop the serious relationship between the two nations.
The Governor of Táchira state announced that next August 4 will be held the meeting of chancellors in order to evaluate and refine the agreements that allow to create relationships that organize the border dynamics.