Venezuela prepares for a historic defense trench on July 28

Since the mobilization of the communes hurricane in San Carlos, Cojedes state, the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodriguez, assured that the country is preparing so that “July 28 will be a great historical trench in the defense of Venezuela and Political Power.” against the extreme right wing.

She highlighted that hard work is essential to consolidate the victory of the independent homeland on July 28: “At stake is the possibility of the organized people of Venezuela continuing to be a Political Power or not. What is at risk is self-determination, sovereignty, it is the People’s Power that Commander Chávez and President Maduro have defended, that the people govern, that the Communes, the Communal Councils, the social movements govern.”

In this sense, she reiterated that the family’s plan is to hand over Venezuela to the North American empire: “They stole Citgo and handed it over to the United States, Leopoldo López, the criminal Juan Guaidó, the criminal Julio Borges and that criminal caste of neo-fascists with surnames who today shamelessly try to ask to vote.”

Seeing this panorama, there is very little we have to do with the 1x10x7, the 1×10, it is the powerful machinery of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and in the 1x10x7 we add that powerful backbone of the People’s Power. This electoral machinery becomes the steel shield that will impede those phonies from daring to take away the Political Power from the people of Venezuela.”