Maduro urges the population to get vaccinated in the face of Covid-19 cases rebound

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, urged the Venezuelan population on Monday to attend the vaccination journey, to apply the booster vaccine, given the rebound in positive cases of Covid-19 in the country:

We went from one case per 100,000 inhabitants, to two cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Although today (Monday) it went back down a bit. The experts, scientists who follow the issue, our vice president (Delcy Rodríguez) tell me that we must call for public attention for collective care because we have a rebound in Covid-19 infections”, warned the Venezuelan head of state during a day of work with the Council of Sectoral Vice Presidents.

“We have a hard rebound in the case of the border, and whenever something happens in Colombia, it has an effect throughout the west of the country and then throughout the entire country, let’s control it, let’s take care of it, it’s worth taking care of ourselves”, he added.

In statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, the National President also urged the population to maintain the necessary care measures.

In this regard, he instructed the authorities to strengthen the vaccination journey, especially for the population of children and young people; after the end of the school term:

We have vaccinated the entire population, now finishing classes, making a superior effort to vaccinate children, and at the universities. The vaccine has shown great effectiveness in defending the body, and also the care measures”, he pointed out.

This Sunday, Venezuela reported 88 new Covid-19 infections, of which 86 are community transmission cases and (with) two imported cases.

To date, since the start of the pandemic, Venezuela has registered 524,911 confirmed cases and 5,724 deaths, after registering no deceases from the outbreak this Sunday.