President Maduro delivered CDI and SRI Dr. Alan Delfin in Trujillo

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, handed over this Tuesday the “Dr. Alan Delfín” Integral Diagnostic Center (CDI) and the Integral Rehabilitation Room (SRI), to comprehensively serve more than 12,000 families in the Valera municipality of Trujillo state:

“We have delivered this CDI package, fully recovered, in record time for the people,” stressed President Maduro.

During his tour, the Dignitary argued about this work: “Integral Diagnostic Center. Founded by who? Through Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez, we follow the path of Chávez, which is the path of truth, of life, of the rights of the people.”

The facilities of this completely renovated center expand the capacity of primary and specialized care directly for more than 3,000 families of Punto y Círculo (Point and Circle) with 14 service areas provided.

The CDI has care in: General Medicine, nursing, ultrasound,

In the SRI area, professionals protect and care for patients in the areas of: physiatry, speech therapy, speech therapy, podiatry, occupational medicine, electrotherapy, magnetic bed and other services.

The CDI and SRI areas were 100% rehabilitated with roof waterproofing, wall rehabilitation, internal ceilings and treatment area, internal and external lighting, installation of air conditioners, provision of medical equipment and more.

Recently, the President approved resources to strengthen the country’s health centers through the Military Community Brigades of Health and Education (Bricomiles) and the 1×10 Good Government System:

“I’m keeping an eye on the Bricomiles. I wanted to give the people, this beautiful community, their CDI, as a package. Completely restructured!” he stated