President Maduro calls to democratize communications

The president asked to democratize social networks, which according to him, are hijacked by economic interests contrary to the Bolivarian revolution: “We must fight to show the truth of a people that wants freedom, that wants democracy,” he said.

Let’s take this debate to the streets, to the family. “Let social networks be at the service of reality, of life, of the family,” he said, reflecting that all the popular mobilizations that support him have been censored by social networks.

You record your video, take your photo, send it to all the WhatsApp groups, and then to the networks,” recommended the president.

From the streets to the networks, from the networks to the media, from the media to the walls and from there to the “radiobemba(Word of mouth), no one can defeat that. With the radiobemba we knocked down old man Carmona, who was one of the perverse old men that they (the right wing) had put in,” he commented.