President instructs absolute union between the 1×10 of Good Government and the Bases of Socialist Missions

The joint work between the 1×10 System of Good Government and the Bases of Social Missions is the ideal pairing so that public policies in favor of the people are carried out successfully, meeting the needs of communities throughout the country.

The Head of State referred to the importance of concatenating both social programs, while making a television contact with various states of the country in order to review the progress of the Bases of Socialist Missions:

“The 1×10 System of Good Government, now together with the Mission Bases, we have set everything to work in a complementary way, always with the people,” said the Venezuelan head of state.

This Thursday, in the Petare parish (Caracas), in the Las Casitas sector, the “5 de Julio” Socialist Missions Base was inaugurated, in order to promote a new culture of peace aimed at all communities in Miranda state.

At the place were present the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, mayor José Vicente Rangel Avalos; the Minister for Alimentation, Carlos Leal Tellería, and the spokesperson for the 5 de Julio Neighborhood Missions Base, María Maita.

In La Guaira, on the main street of Barrio 10 de Marzo in the Carlos Soublette parish, a High Technology Center (CAT) was reopened, created by the Barrio Adentro Mission:

“The entire Barrio Adentro System must be re-equipped, recovered, improved and put at the service of the people, of our people,” requested the national President.

For his part, the governor of the entity, José Alejandro Terán, pointed out that La Guaira has “five new ambulances, to strengthen the System of Missions and Great Missions and the policy of the 0-800 Salud La Guaira system.”

This CAT currently has a fully operational high-tech tomograph, which will allow to attend to more than 15 patients per day.

With these works, the reactivation of the services for tomography, magnetic resonance, mammography, laboratory and X-rays was also achieved.

In Cumaná, in the Barrio Brasil neighborhood of the Altagracia parish, Governor Gilberto Pinto detailed the reopening of the Lorenza Malavé Missions Base, to benefit 1,387 families, which translates into 3,189 inhabitants.

President Nicolás Maduro reiterated that this Thursday 100 new Mission Bases were being inaugurated throughout the country to reach 2,000 mission bases:

“In December of this year we will reach 2,500 Integral mission bases for the communities,” he pointed out.