Carabobo prepares to pay tribute to poet Reynaldo Pérez So

The life and work of the Venezuelan poet, writer, editor, translator and doctor Reynaldo Pérez So, will be exalted in a heartfelt tribute that from the Valencia municipality, in Carabobo state, are preparing various cultivators, historians and regional poets, regarding his sensitive death, which happened on July 30.

The information was released by Professor Miguel Da Silva, organizer of the event, who explained that the participation of various exponents of the genre is expected in this activity and that it is estimated to take place on August 31 in the capital of Carabobo state:

“On Thursday the 31st, when will be one month and one day after his decease, we will pay him a great tribute where, of course, we will invite Dr. Pedro Tellez, a lover of his poetry, Luis Alberto Angulo, Antonio Trujillo, who comes from the world poetry festival in Medellín and in Caracas and we are going to gather a large number of poets to pay this tribute”, indicated Da Silva.

Professor Da Silva described Reynaldo Pérez So as a great poet, full of sensitivity and simplicity, “a man with an incredible career, not only is his poetry recognized in Valencia, but also in Latin America and in the world, he wrote nine books of poetry, a real man very focused on his life, on what he did”, he asserted.

Reynaldo Pérez So was born in Caracas on November 18, 1945, but developed a large part of his life and work in the capital of Carabobo state, where he studied education and later medicine, he was also co-founder of the “Poesía” magazine and had an important participation as director of the literary magazines “Zona Tórrida” and “La Tuna de Oro”.

Pérez So had an outstanding job as a translator of poetic works in more than 5 languages, such as Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese and Papiamento.

He published about 15 books, most of them poetry, including works such as “Para Morirnos de otro sueño” (To die of another dream) (1971), “Tanmatra” (1972), “Nuevos Poemas” (New poems) (1975), 25 poems (1982), “Matadero” (Slaughterhouse) (1986), “Fragmentos de un taller: Ars Poetica” (Fragments from a workshop: Ars Poetica) (1990), “Reclamo” (Claim) (1992), “Px” (1996) and “Solonbra” (1998), among others.

He passed away on July 30 in the City of Valencia, where he left a literary legacy that goes beyond the Venezuelan borders.