Venezuela will sign agreements with Chevron to promote joint ventures in the country

After holding a working meeting with the president of Chevron in Venezuela, Javier La Rosa, the sectoral vice president for the Economic Area and Minister of People’s Power for Petroleum, Tareck El Aissami, informed the country that in the next few hours contracts will be signed for the promotion of joint ventures in the country.

Through his account on Twitter, @TareckPSUV, El Aissami assured that the agreements respond to the provisions of the Constitution and Venezuelan laws, while stressing that it is time to produce crude oil:

I have held a successful work meeting with Javier La Rosa, president (in Venezuela) of Chevron, an oil company that next 2023 will celebrate 100 years of operations in Venezuela”, he said in the published message.

It is worth noting that this fact is formalized after the United States (USA) issued an extended license on November 26 that allows the Chevron Corporation to import oil or derivative products produced by its companies in Venezuela, after the signing of the Second Partial Agreement, signed by the National Government and a sector of the opposition that integrates the Unitary Platform, in Mexico.