AN appointed Daniel Augusto Ramírez as General Public Defender

The National Assembly (AN) approved on Tuesday the appointment of Daniel Augusto Ramírez Herrera as the new Public Defender after evaluating various proposals for months:

“This position, this responsibility that the public defender acquires is fundamental in the preservation and defense of human rights,” said the president of parliament, Jorge Rodríguez.

He highlighted the role of the Judicial Nominations Commission, which carried out the election of the candidates for the appointment of the new defender, as part of the innovative processes that have been implemented.

Citizen Daniel Augusto Ramírez Herrera has just been designated by the AN as General Public Defender of the Bolivarian Republic. He has the duty of comprehensive protection of human rights and due process of each Venezuelan. Congratulations!!”

Jorge Rodríguez (@jorgerpsuv) July 26, 2022