President Maduro acknowledges the FANB’s commitment and revolutionary loyalty: «Thanks to the FANB’s morale we are standing today»

We have gone through moments of demand and in the face of any circumstance, nerves of steel, calm and sanity, maximum union and maximum civic-military mobilization and we did so, and here we are today, standing and victorious, thanks to morale and conscience and to the spirit that unites us as the Bolivarian Nation that we are. Here we are”, affirmed this Monday the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, extolling the role of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces during the act of promotion of Officers and Professional Troops, Division Generals, Brigadier Generals, Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals, held at the Mausoleum of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, in Caracas.

In his message broadcast throughout the country in a special radio and television joint broadcast, the Head of the Venezuelan State also highlighted the strength and morale of the Military High Command in the Homeland of Bolívar:

Today we have a FANB that is proof of all circumstances and events, with a very honorable morality, very heroic, very disciplined, very united (…) the military power of the Homeland, because that is what we are, the military power, the power of the arms of a heroic homeland, the homeland of Bolívar”.

During the swearing in of the Generals, Admirals and Officers, the Dignitary urged the FANB to wear the uniform with absolute honesty, honor and dignity:

«…which you have earned by moral merits, by patriotic commitment, by professional merits, knowledge and comprehensive preparation,» he said.

He reiterated that Venezuela has a FANB prepared with a high degree of patriotism, in the face of adversities that arise, which is why he urged them to comply with the Bolivarian revolutionary commitment with the greatest revolutionary commitment:

«Promotion should not mean any privilege, it should mean more self-demand, more revolutionary commitment, more efficiency, more discipline, more creativity, more cohesion and union as a military power,» he said.

In this act, 81 members of the FANB received promotion to the rank of Division General and Vice Admirals, while another 81 received the rank of Brigadier General and Rear Admiral, belonging to the Bolivarian Army, Bolivarian Navy, Bolivarian Military Aviation and Bolivarian National Guard (GNB).

In the same way, the promotions to the first place in order of merit in each promotion were given, the promotion to the ranks of lieutenant commander, captains and lieutenants; as well as the first frigate lieutenants:

Today I can say that Venezuela has someone who defends it, because Venezuela has a military power planted and firm in the defense of the territory, of peace and of national unity, let nobody get wrong with us (…). Go along the paths of honor, along the path of patriotism to shine promotions that have been earned through effort and merit. Long live the homeland!» concluded Maduro.