President Maduro held meeting with Iran’s Oil Minister

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, held a working meeting with the Oil Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Javad Owji, in Tehran.

The meeting was held in the context of the development of bilateral relations in energy matters and the Eurasian agenda carried out by the head of state.

The work agenda is focused on cooperation between the two countries during the last 22 years of trade relations, which within the Bolivarian peace diplomacy has been contributing to the strengthening of the technological, scientific and financial capacities of both nations.

Caracas and Tehran have become a bridge for communication on hydrocarbons and the expansion of public policies in the areas of oil, petrochemicals and gas for the strengthening of bilateral cooperation actions.

Nicolas Maduro


I had a pleasant meeting with the Iranian Oil Minister, Javad Owji, with whom I discussed strategies to counter criminal sanctions against our peoples. We are advancing with firm steps in strengthening and revitalizing the economy of Venezuela.”