Balance! Operation Paper Hands has seized 12 billion bolivars in cash

The Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Tareck El Aissami, offered this Friday a review of the Operation Paper Hands that has hit the mafias of organized crime.

During a press conference from the city of Caracas he explained that 12 trillion bolivars were seized in cash, which were going to be destined for the contraband of extraction of the Venezuelan monetary cone by mafias operating from Colombia, protected by the Government of the neighboring country, with the complicity of Colombian officials, to affect the Venezuelan financial system:

«This money was transferred to Colombia where the nominal value of each ticket was paid three times as much and that was public and well-known and protected by the Colombian government authorities», he explained.

He added that, as part of the measures, have been frozen in the national banking system about 5 billion bolivars in various bank accounts linked to this crime.

Of the frozen accounts, 90 percent belonged to the Banesco financial institution.

He also said that: «201 people have been requested and are currently requested by public security agencies; We have issued arrest warrants through the Interpol system and carried out 78 raids or judicial visits».

The Vice President stressed that 216 people have been arrested for the operation and are at the order of the Venezuelan justice for being linked to these mafias.