The position of our country was made known by Carlos Alvarado, representative of Venezuela before the Assembly, who made the call «in the name of peace and health» for the benefit of human rights and respect for international law

Carlos Alvarado


The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela congratulates Dr. Tedros Adhanom (@DrTedros) for his recent re-election as Director General of the WHO, and thanks him for his actions at the head of this important health instance in times of pandemic”.

One of the factors that most threatens the health and peace of peoples are the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States government and its main European allies on nations that, like my country, have decided to maintain positions of sovereignty and self-determination. These bloody measures, which we have described as crimes against humanity, have affected our access to vaccines, medicines, supplies, medical and laboratory equipment, altering indicators as sensitive as infant and maternal mortality, and causing the reappearance of vaccine-preventable diseases,» he said.

Likewise, he recalled that Venezuela has millions of dollars blocked in its external accounts «that we cannot use because the international financial system has become an accomplice of the so-called sanctions”.

He added that our country does not have a vote in the World Health Assembly «because we are prevented from accessing our own money,» which is also the case with the rotary and strategic funds of the Pan American Health Organization.

He indicated that thanks to the efforts of the Government, the Venezuelan people and friendly countries such as Cuba, Russia and China, this situation has been partially overcome, as well as the actions agreed with the UN Population Fund and the Red Cross:

Health and peace are interdependent concepts. Any event that disturbs or threatens peace directly influences the health of peoples. We refer to integral health, collective health that is available to everyone without distinction or exclusion. Venezuela proposes that in addition to peace, the concept of happiness be included in the concept of health”, he expressed.