President Maduro raises alert to Colombian plan to assassinate police and military in Venezuela

The Head of State Nicolás Maduro reiterated his complaints about the plans articulated from Colombia “to buy criminals in Venezuela and try to assassinate police, military and law enforcement officials with bomb and grenade attacks against police stations and military posts”.

“Iván Duque from Colombia has put together a plan and has invested several million dollars to hire criminals who throw grenades, bombs and attack police centers, military centers with bullets, just as the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar did against the Police there in Medellín”, he warned.

Faced with this new threat, President Maduro alerted the Ministers of Interior and Defense, Remigio Ceballos and Vladimir Padrino López, respectively, as well as the military, police forces and peace quadrants to counteract these potential attacks:

Just like (Escobar’s) is the plan to try to socially destabilize Venezuela. (Be on) Alert, police man friend, police woman friend, military colleagues, watch and listen”, added Maduro.

He announced that during the work journey this Monday, an evaluation was made for the relaunch and internal strengthening of the Quadrants of Peace to combat criminal gangs and the plans that are executed from Colombia.

Assassination plans made in the USA:

In this context, the national president also denounced the revelations of former President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, who in his most recent book dedicated “several pages to Venezuela” and detailed the plan that had been designed together with the opposition to threaten his life and the stability of the country:

He published a book of his memoirs, from when he was with Trump, and he dedicates several pages to Venezuela and reveals how Donald Trump and the bastard Juan Guaidó planned to invade Venezuela and made plans to kill me and to kill the political high command of Venezuela. There is the evidence, he declares it in great detail”, he pointed out.

Faced with this most serious event, Maduro urged the National Assembly (AN) “to initiate an investigation of these serious revelations by Trump’s Secretary of Defense”.

They talked about an invasion of Venezuela, they talked about using mercenaries from Colombia to invade Venezuela, they talked about assassinating Nicolás Maduro and other ministers, ministers and leaders of the country”, he denounced.

He recalled that, in addition to Esper, other former senior Trump administration officials have also revealed details about the planned actions against Venezuela.

There have already been other statements such as that of John Bolton (former Trump National Security Adviser). There are the revelations and the role of these people from the extreme right wing calling for sanctions, calling for invasion, calling for assassinations”, he claimed.