Vice President Delcy Rodríguez: Sanctions and war are the axis of US politics

The Caribbean Regional Seminar began at the Military Circle in Caracas, whose main theme is the de-colonization of peoples. The executive vice president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, welcomed the ambassadors and civil society participating in the meeting. In addition, she reminded those present that sanctions are, along with war, the axis of the United States politics:

We begin and welcome, in the name of the President of the Republic, such an important event in the 21st century. Bolívar swore to free Venezuela from the chains of colonialism, and he achieved it in 1821. Anti-colonial blood runs in the veins of Venezuelans, which is why participating in this seminar vindicates our historical roots,” she noted.

Likewise, Rodríguez asserted that Venezuela was a victim of the British powers where “Guyana Esequiba was stolen from us, and today we continue in this fight, to end any vestige, to enforce the principle of self-determination of the people, and not what is imposed through colonialist hegemonic powers.” During her speech she also expressed solidarity on behalf of Venezuela with Puerto Rico: “We know the situation, we join its cause, which is the cessation of colonialism.”

Regarding the sanctions that prevail over the nation, Rodríguez highlighted that “Venezuela is a reason for international accusation by great powers” by the United States. “We know that they are after our great mineral wealth, which they long to transfer for their purposes.”

The more than almost 1,000 measures and sanctions imposed have been implemented to blackmail Venezuela in its sovereignty, we call that the new models of colonialisms. “Sanctions are, along with war, the axis of United States politics, which has resulted in 28 sanctioned countries,” she indicated.

Venezuela has lost 232 billion dollars in its Gross Domestic Product, while the global impact in losses has been 642 billion dollars, as stated by the vice president.

What has been applied is a set of tortures to the people of Venezuela. This must end and be resolved for countries that wish to live in conditions of equality, based on international respect. The Venezuelan people have surpassed and maintain growth projections that exceed the countries in the region, as had not been seen in 10 and 12 years, but we insist that this blockade must end,” she pointed out.

Rodríguez ended her speech with a warning about new forms of neocolonialism. “Count on Venezuela, we were born with the anti-colonial battle, and the Venezuelan people remain in the fight.”