President Maduro: Guaidó failed in his attempt to overthrow the constitutional government

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, pointed out that the opposition leader Juan Guaidó failed in his attempt, with the help of the United States and its allies, to overthrow the constitutional and democratic Venezuelan government:

Guaidó is lost in the loneliness of his own failure. Imperialism believed that Venezuela belonged to them as a colony and they could put a president, invade a country”, but “a people has deeply set foot on it that curbed the plans to destabilize our nation”, he said, referring to the illegal interim government presided over by the former opposition deputy since January 2019.

The head of state stressed that Guaidó and his allies “are in the oblivion of history, they persist in that policy and will persist in failure and will continue to sink into the swamp, while the country advances along the path of work, well-being, of happiness”.