Venezuela and Belarus installed 8th High-Level Joint Commission

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Belarus, installed the 8th High-Level Joint Commission, which, among other objectives, will expand productive capacities in the agricultural area to meet the internal needs of the Venezuelan people.

This was reported by the president of the High Level Joint, Ricardo Menéndez, who added that one of the main goals of Venezuela for 2022 is to maximize the production capacities of the different factories in the country.

The also Sectoral Vice President and Minister of People’s Power for Planning, highlighted the importance of the relationship between Venezuela and Belarus, as “both nations come from long years of resistance based on the self-determination of each one of the peoples”.

On his behalf, Viktor Sheiman, representative of the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, indicated the installation of the High-Level Joint Commission “is due to the need to continue with the progress of relations and form new bases for the development of projects, mainly in the sphere of commerce and the economy”.

The members of the High Level Joint Commission will develop work groups for two days in Venezuela and will address topics such as Science and Technology, Industry, Agriculture, Transportation, Housing, Petrochemicals and Food.