International observers affirm Venezuelan elections are a contribution to the world

The international observers who observed the Regional and Municipal Elections that were held in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, congratulated the participation of all the country’s political forces.

The delegations, who made tours of the electoral centers throughout the national territory, reported that the journey was carried out with tranquility, speed, joy, security and biosecurity.

Juan Carlos Monedero, director of the “República y Democracia” (Republic and Democracy) Institute of Spain, held the elections, which, although they do not have the same impact as a presidential election, represent a turning point in the country: “as international observers we acknowledge the enormous prestige and capacity of the National Electoral Council, an organ that enjoys a political balance that guarantees its independence and from which many countries on the planet have to learn”.

In addition, Monedero highlighted the peaceful nature of the elections, the recognition and the encounter that exists between the Government and the opposition and the witnesses of the different parties that have different political positions:

It should also be noted that these are elections that have taken place when the Covid-19 epidemic has not been overcome; elections that mark a new normality”, stressed Juan Carlos Monedero, director of the “República y Democracia” Institute of Spain.