Maduro: The path of Venezuela is that of peace and dialogue

By highlighting the auspicious start of the talks between the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the unitary opposition platform, President Nicolás Maduro reaffirmed the path of Venezuela is that of peace and dialogue.

In an international press conference, from the Ayacucho Hall of Miraflores Palace, the Venezuelan Head of State indicated that the National Government will do everything possible “so that the opposition does not cloud this initiative that has started in a successful and hopeful manner”.

We are going to do everything possible and the impossible, for the opposition not to kick the table this time, for the opposition not to break the path of dialogue this time. We are going to do the possible and the impossible so that we can reach agreements”, he emphasized.

The national president reiterated that the three main points on the table for the beginning of the dialogue by the constitutional government are the acknowledgement of the legitimate authorities of Venezuela, the cessation of violence and the lifting of all criminal sanctions that weigh over the country, issues endorsed in the understanding memorandum sealed by the parties on August 13 in Mexico.

In the opinion of President Nicolás Maduro, just for the signing of the understanding memorandum “the peace talks between Venezuela and the extremist sectors of the Venezuelan right wing, (the process) has gotten off to a good start”.

All oppositions:

In this regard, he recalled that for this initial meeting in Mexico, the Venezuelan government made a fourth proposal to seat “all the oppositions”, but “they did not accept it” due to differences between themselves.

However, he indicated that he will continue to “insist on bringing all opposition sectors of the country, beyond the unitary platform” to reach broad agreements among all.

On Friday, September 3, the negotiations between the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the unitary platform of the opposition will be officially installed. We go with an open spirit to talk, to make decisions”, he emphasized.

To a question about the real expectations of the government in the framework of this new dialogue table, he pointed out that his personal expectation is “for us to make partial decisions in favor of our country, for us to gradually make partial consensus and build a general consensus”.

This is the path of Venezuela. To reach this path we had to overcome all obstacles, threats, assassinations, aggressions, sanctions. And to get to this path, we had to be standing up. And we are standing, we arrived in Mexico standing, united, strong and with humility, (the step taken in Mexico) is really a wonderful one and it puts everything in its place”, he said.