President Maduro updates polygonal areas under Special Administration Regime

In the framework of the celebration of the Pachamama Day, President Nicolás Maduro signed seven decrees this Sunday for the creation and modification of polygonal areas of several Areas Under the Special Administration Regime, ABRAE.

In this sense, Maduro decreed as a special area the Punta de Palo and El Saco Island sectors, in the Villalba municipality of Coche Island, as well as the Macanao Peninsula as a Wildlife Reserve, all belonging to the Nueva Esparta state.

The areas of the Paria Peninsula in Sucre state, the polygonal area of ​​the city of Coro and the Médanos de Coro National Park, in Falcón, were also extended.

Similarly, was created the Ramal de Calderas “Doctor José Gregorio Hernández” National Park between the states Trujillo, Mérida and Barinas with a protected area of ​​50,550 hectares.

According to the Ministry for Ecosocialism, the ABRAE are areas of the national territory that are subject to a special management regime in accordance with special laws to ensure their protection and conservation.

Pachamama Day is celebrated every August 1 in the Andes of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, particularly, although it is celebrated with ancestral rituals by indigenous peoples throughout Latin America.