Guevara, Caro and Graterón were Leopoldo López’s coordinators for violence in Cota 905

The fugitive from justice, Leopoldo López, articulated from abroad the actions to generate violence in Cota 905 and west of Caracas, with the intention of promoting social imbalance and a change of government in Venezuela.

The denounce was made this Tuesday by the president of the National Assembly (AN), Jorge Rodríguez, according to leaks of the conversations that the fugitive had with leaders of the Voluntad Popular (Popular Will – VP) party.

They are Freddy Guevara (arrested this Monday by order of the Public Ministry), Gilber Caro and Emilio Graterón, in addition to activist Hasler Iglesias. They called the violent plan in the neighborhoods as “Fiesta de Caracas” (Caracas’s Party).

The purpose of the fugitive, as he confessed to Guevara, was “to achieve social unbalance and see if the fuse of the protests is lit” in the Venezuelan capital, allying and providing resources in dollars to the criminal gangs of the Cota 905.

In addition, in the Cota are involved VP leaders: a.k.a. “Gocho Javier”, who also spoke with López, and “El Catire.” The first was instructed by López to coordinate the closure of streets and protests in La Vega, Santa Rosalía and El Valle.

The fugitive asked to organize the neighborhoods of the capital in a “strong way” with all sufficient materials; For this it was important to provide economic resources and weapons, and this was the request of Iglesias to López.

Likewise, Guevara assures in some dialogues with Caro that he was coordinating a communication plan to give a greater impact to the plan.

In this same sense, Caro took advantage of his claim as a candidate for mayor of Caracas, to “hand over money and weapons” to criminal gangs, emphasized Rodríguez.

The president of the National Parliament announced that they are investigating other movements of violent attempts in cities of the states of Aragua, Barinas and Lara, among others.

Another who stands out in the conversations is former deputy Luis Somoza; He claimed to be in coordination with the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó to get the cash that would be used for the operation.

Also was shown a conversation between Caro and the leader Alfredo Jimeno, in which is managed cash to support violent and street actions in the area: “The thugs want a show of faith”, Caro emphasized to Jimeno.

Everything was part of a strategy that they had been planning since June, to, among other things, “crush the national holidays” of June 24 and July 5, adds the president of the AN.