President Maduro: “The EU is responsible for the opposition’s extremism”

This Friday, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, asserted that the European Union (EU) is responsible for the extremism of the opposition, by supporting “all the barbaric policies” imposed by the White House against Venezuela.

In an interview with Spanish journalist Ignacio Ramonet, President Maduro stressed that “much of the blame” for the self exclusion of the Venezuelan right wing from political, debate and consultation spaces, as well as “the abandonment of their natural spaces and their voters” comes from the EU for adhering to the extremist doctrine of the US government.

“The only place in the world on which the European Union supports such policies is in Venezuela,” he said. “A good part of the fact that the Venezuelan right wing enters a policy of participation, of dialogue, has to do with that European Union that influences the minds of these political leaders so much, that sector of the opposition talks to them about dialogue, helps their reflection and its rectification”, he stressed.

Likewise, the National President denounced that his counterpart from the United States (USA), Donald Trump, “has authorized my assassination several times” in an action that denotes “the extremism of the imperial policy against Venezuela.”

In this sense, the Head of State stressed that in coordination with the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, this maneuver is underpinned by Washington’s claims to “reconquer Venezuela, destroy our Bolivarian Revolution and our institutions.”

Donald Trump got a taste for blood, for death. We are taking protection measures not only for my life, but also for the life of my family, of the Political and Military High Command, of the country’s leadership”, he emphasized.

Similarly, President Maduro stressed that intelligence work led to the dismantling of the “Operation Boycott of the National Assembly”, scheduled between December 27 and January 5, aimed at “attacking the Guri Hydroelectric plant, the oil refineries and to try to make explode, to destroy the headquarters of the National Parliament”.

We are dismantling it with evidences in hand, with testimonies from the people who participated in the Riohacha meeting. The Colombian government is silent because we discovered the secret plan they had for these days in December and January,” he added.

Also, referring to the electoral schedule for 2021 and 2022, where regional and municipal elections are planned, he stated that “we want to measure ourselves against the entire opposition, by hand, or however they want, but in elections.”

Inclusive dialogue in the National Parliament:

Regarding the installation of the National Assembly (AN), scheduled for next January 5, he advocated for it to become a nucleus of political, inclusive and broad dialogue that contributes to the reconciliation of Venezuelans.

“I offer myself to participate as one more in that dialogue, I hope there will be good results in that dialogue and that the National Assembly becomes a political epicenter of reunion and reconciliation,” he stressed.