Venezuela has the goal of training 200,000 integral community doctors to care for its people

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, launched the goal for 2030 to train 200,000 integral community doctors at the Hugo Chávez University of Health Sciences (UCS), who will be at the service of the people from its territory in order to contribute to close care in the community itself,” said this Sunday the Minister of People’s Power for Health, Carlos Alvarado, during his participation in the “Aquí con Ernesto” (Here with Ernesto) program.

Likewise, Alvarado specified that President Maduro has insisted on the permanent call for the recruitment of Venezuelans who wish to enter the Hugo Chávez UCS, a university that has the strength to provide a municipal education, which means that the student can train in medicine on the place where he lives. so his classroom is the health center closest to his home.

In the country we have 12 universities that train doctors in the country, our university has the strength that the study is municipalized. The student can study medicine where he lives and his classroom is the popular center closest to his home, this in order for the person to bond in the territory where he lives and have an affective closeness with the community at the service of the people ”, he stated.

On the other hand, Minister Alvarado insisted that the country’s health sector needs new laws to unify the national public system to benefit the complex work of health in the country.

It is a cry of the people for a new health law to be built. The last one that has been approved was in 1998, we need a law that allows to unify, manage and finance the country’s public system. We are sure that with this new National Assembly we will achieve it; we have several proposals, what we need is that the AN be installed so that we can quickly discuss this issue,” detailed the minister.