Imperialism is desperate because there will be elections before April 30

The first Vice President of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, asserted that imperialism is desperate because the Bolivarian Revolution initiates the perfect machinery for the perfect victory in the Presidential elections.

“Imperialism with its lackeys in the world is desperate because before April 30 there will be elections in Venezuela. First time some elections call the attention of so many Governments in the world and they consider it undemocratic, but they do not say anything about what happened in Honduras, they do not say anything about the coup d’etat in Brazil and what they are doing to the President (…) but they are worried about Venezuela because we do not give up and we will not give up”, he said.

During the 191st emission of the “Con el Mazo Dando” (Hitting witht he Hammer) program, he denounced the national right wing as responsible for the sanctions by the European Union against officials of the Bolivarian Government.

“Those who request sanctions against Venezuela are the sirs of the opposition, and they do have accounts around the world and they have companies and they have properties and they have partners and they wash money because they live by stealing money from the people. We will be here, firmly rooted along with the people, defeating that stateless opposition that has no blush to kneel before imperialism”, he added.

Cabello affirmed that the right wing is afraid of the elections “because they know they are going to lose”.

“They have been, for 3 years, they were asking for “elections now” (…) and now when elections are being called, these guys realize that they do not have what is needed, they do not have a candidate, they do not have unity, they do not have a Homeland, they do not have any shame”, he stressed.

He urged the opposition to prepare to join the framework of participatory and protagonist democracy.

“I do not know if they are going to make primaries, if they are going to make secondary elections (…) how they do kill each other for being runner-ups (silver medal), because in here Nicolás Maduro will remain being the President of all Venezuelan men and women”, he said