National Executive evaluates implementing 14 days of radical quarantine at the beginning of January 2021

This Sunday, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced: “I am thinking of applying 14 days of radical quarantine”, alluding to the strategy that the National Government is evaluating for the restitution of the 7 + 7 scheme in January 2021.

In this sense, he pointed out that the general flexibility will be in force until December 31, which is why he urged Venezuelans to maintain biosafety protocols to avoid outbreaks of Covid-19.

“We are already thinking of getting a strong hand in the flexibilization of December and on January’s 7 + 7 scheme, I am thinking of a 14-day radical (quarantine) start in January, let’s see (exactly on) what date,” he reiterated during a meeting with the Presidential Commission for the Monitoring, Control and Prevention of Covid-19.

Regarding the start of vaccinations, the Dignitary stressed that they estimate to start mass immunization in April with “safe vaccines, certified by the World Health Organization and our health authorities.”

Through an alliance with the Russian Federation, he stressed that he plans “to have access to safe vaccines for a mass vaccination in April.” Therefore, he indicated that “if everything went well in April, if we got 20 million vaccines, we would be achieving herd immunity at a very high level.”

“We are going for a safe vaccine, in the meantime we have shown that it is possible with the 7 + 7 scheme, with the renewed medical brigades, with the treatments and with the mass use of miracle drops and DR-10 that have shown 100% of effectiveness, with ozone therapy as a preventive and curative therapy against Coronavirus”, he emphasized.

He also pointed out that “the macabre predictions crashed against the reality of a powerful health system,” he pointed out that Venezuela “will continue to guarantee the highest amount of free public health” for its population.