Chancellor Arreaza denounces opposition after receiving US funds

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, denounced today the opposition sector led by Juan Guaidó, after openly receiving funds from the United States government.

Through his Twitter account @Jaarreaza, he wrote: “Elliott Abrams affirms with total confidence that US payments to the Venezuelan opposition are delayed, but that they will catch up this month. What kind of opposition is that? No one of them has denied it. They are happy to be on the CIA payroll. They dishonor the People of Simón Bolívar”.

“Trump’s cynical, dying and defeated officials no longer know what to invent. If something has affected the life and nutrition of Venezuelans, is the blockade and criminal sanctions from the United States. No matter how much they try to manipulate, they must understand something: They FAILED in Venezuela!”, He added.

According to an article in the Financial Times, the official appointed by the US administration to deal with Venezuela’s affairs stated that, “there are many late payments owed” to the envoys of the Venezuelan opposition abroad and to the members of the National Assembly under contempt.

Which is why the Venezuelan Chancellor also repudiated the manipulative speech of the North American government aimed at delegitimizing the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 6 in the South American country.

In turn, the so-called Virtual Embassy of the United States for Venezuela took out of context the words of socialist leader Diosdado Cabello in a campaign act, and accused the forces related to the Bolivarian Executive of using food as a political weapon.

Maduro’s brutal dictatorship tells Venezuelans that if they don’t vote, they won’t eat. No one can believe that a regime that uses food as a political weapon is capable of holding free and fair elections. “, published the embassy.