MP will have 1,104 officials to ensure guarantees of DEC-6 electoral process

A total of 1,104 officials of the Public Ministry (MP) will ensure the guarantees of the electoral process on December 6, as reported this Wednesday the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, regarding the support that will provide the instance he directs to the strengthening of democracy and participation in the country.

He explained that this number of officials is divided into «24 superior prosecutors will protect the human right to vote to renew the National Assembly, 30 with national jurisdiction, 150 officials from the situational chamber and 900 regional prosecutors”.

From the main headquarters of the National Electoral Council (CNE), in Caracas, the Prosecutor reported that by December 6 the people will have the 0800-FISCA00 toll-free telephone number, and situational rooms available throughout the national territory, through which will be attended any emergency facing the electoral process.

We inform that the MP has arranged situational chambers throughout the territory to which the superior prosecutors of the country’s states are in charge; at the same time we have arranged a public communication line 0800-FISCA00 ”, he manifested.

In the same way, he explained that the electoral simulation is planned for this Sunday in 381 planned voting centers, for which he called on the large majorities to participate and promote the promotion of the right to vote.

We are going to defeat the abstentionists who seek, by way of violence, to finish the country’s institutions. In a civic way, we will give an example to the world to enshrine the policy of the State. This simulation is going to be an important preamble with the massive participation of the people in the midst of so many criminal and criminal voices that call for wars and violence. Let us follow the example of countries that follow their path in a peaceful way”.