Venezuela urges UN to strengthen WHO as an example of multilateralism

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the collapse of the international geopolitical and geoeconomic order was already occurring. However, this emergency has made us gain awareness and critical thinking about the contradictions of capitalism and its logical and operational inability to face these crises”, reflected the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during his telematic speech to the Assembly General of the United Nations (UN).

The Venezuelan president assured that -in many cases- the States were reduced to a minimum expression and the imposed neoliberalism asphyxiated public institutions, turning the rights of the people into private services; and health became a luxury for a few.

Let us hear in the streets of the world the fury of the peoples who feel orphaned and unprotected! The health and well-being of the population are not a merchandise; the market cannot continue regulating the destiny of humanity!”, he declared.

Similarly, he urged to reinforce the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) as an example of multilateralism:

«The World Health Organization must be an organization that acts and speaks faithfully, without yielding to pressure, extortion and attacks from the powerful ones”,stressed the president, while saying the Organization has confirmed its moral authority, its scientific capacity and the willingness to cooperate based on solidarity.

The head of state also welcomed the scientific efforts of sister nations such as Russia, China and Cuba in the creation of an effective and safe vaccine against COVID-19; «We trust that such findings will be considered a global public good by each of our nations, with free access for all the peoples of the world”, he said.

Along the same lines, he announced Venezuela’s proposal to create a revolving fund for public purchases in the United Nations System to guarantee access to food and health products, through public resources.