Tourism Motor disposed hotel infrastructures to care for Covid-19 patients

The Tourism motor made its hotel infrastructure available for the care of patients infected by Covid-19 in Venezuela, as reported this Tuesday by the Minister of People’s Power for Tourism and Foreign Trade, Félix Plascencia.

He highlighted in an interview in the 360 ° program of Venezolana de Televisión, that in conjunction with the hoteliers guild they have converted the national infrastructure into Health Hotels in the face of the Covid-19 health emergency.

«We are grateful to the givers or providers of tourist services, who have joined the Bolivarian Government’s efforts to guarantee safety, health and prevention to the people in the face of this pandemic, which has allowed us to show low figures to the world».

In this regard, he assured that the tourism and hotel sector, through the associations and chambers of the country, has increased the capacity of beds and the conditioning of the necessary facilities for the care of patients infected with the virus.

«Hoteliers and businessmen in the tourism sector are supporting the national government, united in joint responsibility by executing the health route.»

Plasencia explained that the Alba Caracas Hotel is an example of this, because it currently offers 200 beds to serve Venezuelans «who need a space for care and treatment for Covid-19».

The minister explained that the commitment has not only come from the Ministry of People’s Power for Tourism and Foreign Trade, Venetur and the Hotels that are part of that network, «the private sector is also ready to collaborate in an alliance with national and international hotel operators”.

He also said that these actions have made possible to add beds that are now destined for people who have had contact with a positive person for Covid-19, nationals who return to the country and patients who tested positive for the respiratory disease.

Regarding the post-pandemic tourism route, he explained that he views it as a tourism on a smaller scale, “more responsible, direct with the human being, in Venezuela that is what is coming, unlimited to be developed, first an internal tourism among Venezuelans respecting the bio-safety protocols, and second an inclusive tourism of reception of people from other countries».

He added that the Russians are a niche that they are visualizing, «for this country to be of touristic interest to them, and with Conviasa (airline) we are coordinating to open a direct flight for this purpose».

He concluded that the Russian market is of great importance, since there are more than 150 million people who see a potential for tourism between both nations.